CTT's plan for success

Collaboration Tai Tokerau is developing and trialling a new collaborative model that seeks financial support while harnessing in-kind contributions from producers and providers to make sure we are living our values of being self-determined and authentic. 

Our purpose

CTT is to deliver on three projects: 

  1. Workplaces of choice 

  2. A brand of excellence 

  3. System resilience through land optimisation. 

Our people

Our people are: 

  • involved in feeding communities through producing and providing food

  • Challenged with labour issues, product demand and climate change

  • Concerned about the future and wanting a new way to create action for Nothland. 

Our process

Quarterly hui are:

  • held at different locations around the region

  • hosted by and spotlight a different producer or provider

  • for people to connect, take action toward our projects, and discover each other’s businesses. 

Te Tai Tokerau’s five guiding principles

Collaboration Tai Tokerau is guided by principles that are central to collaborators’ decision-making. 


Different sectors working together multiply the power and rate of change.  

Future focused

Keeping future needs at the forefront will allow us to offset our risk and create effective adaptation.


Acting from curiosity instead of expectation will allow us to bring our real selves to the table. 


Ensuring external parties don't determine what we do will allow us to be unwavering in our purpose.


Creating a space where we can slow down and find our commonalities and learn from our differences will create innovation.

CTT's plan

In 2021, Te Tai Tokerau primary producers got together and designed a plan to make Te Tai Tokerau’s food, fibre and beverage industries and communities resilient, prosperous and thriving.

The plan (high-level logic model on the right) guides Tai Tokerau primary producers (collaborators) to move in a shared direction and outlines the broader steps required to achieve this goal. 

Long, medium and short-term outcomes

The plan includes short- to long-term outcomes which helps all involved move towards a common goal. 

Short-term outcomes

  1. Businesses have access to effective strategies for productive and flexible workplaces and the workforce is using pathways to fulfilling work. 

  2. Holistic stories are being strategically shared about the great stuff happening in the primary sectors in Tai Tokerau. 

  3. Farmers, growers and catchments know their products’ value and have access, support and knowledge of enduring diversification options. 

Medium-term outcomes

  1. There is a high proportion of productive, flexible, and fulfilling workplaces in Tai Tokerau 

  2. Tai Tokerau has a food and beverage brand (people know Tai Tokerau produces food and beverage in a special way) 

  3. There is evidence of farmers, growers and catchments optimising land use 

Long-term outcomes

  1. Great businesses have become exception businesses 

  2. Primary production is a sustainable source of Te Tai Tokerau wellbeing 

  3. Tai Tokerau food, fibre and beverage industries are workplaces of choice 

  4. Tai Tokerau food and beverage products and experiences are in demand 

  5. Tai Tokerau is optimising its land use. 

Sector summaries

During the early stages of Collaboration Tai Tokerau in 2021, infographics were created to distil individual sectors’ opportunities, challenges, current initiatives, and visions for the future. For some sectors, some of the information in these infographics is a little out of date. However, these infographics still provide useful opportunities to identify cross-sector collaboration potential and comparisons between producer and sector organisational views.  

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