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Our hui and activities are on pause for now. 

Previous hui

Find out what happened and what was shared at past hui.

3rd Producer Hui - Kaikohe Berry Fruit, 13 September 2023

At the Kaikohe Berry Fruit-hosted hui, the spotlight was on innovation into horticulture and technology at Ngawha Park and Matawii Water where hui attendees:

  • Found out about this unique partnership between iwi and Far North Holdings

  • Saw how these innovative businesses are moving our region forward

  • Heard about the challenges and get support for your own

  • Connected with other Northlanders and expand your networks.

2nd Producer Hui - Schnappa Rock, Tutukaka, 4 April 2023

Schnappa Rock owner, Nick Keene, hosted the hui and talked to the group about the hospitality sector, how CTT’s ethos aligns with his business and what the three projects would mean to him. 

Spend your pay in Whangārei

Nick talked about how Schnappa Rock focuses on purchasing products from ever increasing circles. Whatever they can source locally, they do - even if it comes at a higher price. For example, fish can be purchased from overseas companies that is blast frozen and sold at a lower price. Schnappa  Rock only purchases area one line caught fish and locally supplied kai moana (seafood). This is putting the money back into the local economy and recognises the importance of the environment for the long-term success of the business! Valuing the environment emanates through all aspects of the business because Tai Tokerau’s pristine environment is special – once you have lost it, you cannot get it back (as other regions have experienced).  

Whakapapa of the food

Nick talked about his businesses investment in creating a produce garden to insulate the business from supply disruptions (which have only increased since starting the garden) to the coastal area of Tutukaka and inflationary prices of food. More than just making good business sense, the garden now has two full time staff who were unemployed and are now thriving! It is about valuing the holistic nature of the people, the land and the food which Schnappa Rock does so well! 

For Nick, CTT is about aligning with likeminded people and working on the projects to move toward a stronger, more self-sustaining region. For example, referring tourists to other producers and providers in different parts of the region to keep them here a day or two longer, showcasing the uniqueness of Tai Tokerau through food and experiences. 

Moving forward, the only way to sustain the lifestyle of producers and providers is by building the whakapapa of the food into the story.  

Two-day Action Hui - Whangarei, November 2022

Information to come

Initial Collaboration Hui - Waitangi, June 2021

The Collaboration Hui objective was to identify cross-sector collaborative projects to focus change and development in areas that are meaningful and aligned with what producers want to see, with the intent that these projects would apply for future funding requests. Created space for connections and understanding of different sectors between participants. The project successfully achieved its aspiration of diverse and representative participation at the Collaboration Hui. The project aspired to have at least one-third Māori, one-third female and one-third under 40, with multi-sectoral and subregional representation included in the Collaboration Hui. 

Hui gallery

Remembering hui and looking forward to the next.

3rd Producer Hui - Kaikohe Berry Fruit

2nd Producer Hui - Schnappa Rock, Tutukaka

Initial Collaboration Hui - Waitangi

Two-day Action Hui - Whangarei