Collaboration Tai Tokerau Podcast

Find out directly from individuals involved in Collaboration Tai Tokerau about how the project is progressing with podcast host Claudia Lyons who is also directly involved in CTT. 

Podcast episodes

Hear from Northland's primary producers, and tourism and hospitality providers, as well as other key players in CTT.

How Northland primary producers are in control of the plan

Hear from Dana Carver, facilitator of the Collaboration Tai Tokerau design sessions where the CTT strategy was created. Hear how it has been possible to bring together a diverse group of Northland primary producers and find common ground, and how this group is driving Northland forward in the way they want. You’ll hear about CTT’s three projects, and a shared set of values. Listen through to the end to find out how you can get involved; everyone is welcome, no matter how much or little you feel you have time to contribute. 

Three Northlanders share their involvement in Collaboration Tai Tokerau

Hear the experiences of Northland primary producers involved in Collaboration Tai Tokerau. Find out how Snapper Rock owner and operator Nick Keene who is motivated by celebrating Northland’s produce, products and people. Michelle Ruddell will share what it means to be involved in CTT from the perspective of a dairy farmer and someone involved with Rural Support Trust. Then last, but absolutely not least, I’ll hear from Lucy Peters who is involved in the horticulture sector looking after orchards, and vice chair of the Kerikeri Fruit Growers Society. She also proudly calls herself an ‘avid activist for the region’ so you don’t want to miss that chat.

Why collaboration will work in Northland

Hear from Chris Neil, a Northland local and someone who has been involved in the primary industry for 30+ years. Both Chris and podcast host Claudia Lyons have been a part of CTT since its inception. Chris’s passion for and understanding of how collaboration works, and will work in Northland, is contagious. If you want to better understand collaboration, then you’ll enjoy this chat. As Chris says, the whole has to be greater than the sum of its parts.